What is the Red Sofa?


The Red Sofa is an actual red sofa. It was the first (and only, so far!) sofa my husband and I bought when we moved in together back in Brooklyn, where we originally met. We got the sofa at a Macy’s furniture outlet on Long Island, and the sofa quickly became a favorite of friends and guests, who would sometimes languish for hours at our apartment in cushiony bliss. Poet friends would lounge on the sofa, working on poems together, drinking wine, and having snacks in a relaxed atmosphere. I realized that the space we created together was something I wanted to carry with me wherever I went. That’s why my husband and I hauled the red sofa from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, when we moved in 2011.

When I envisioned creating a poetry salon and workshop, the idea of the Red Sofa came to symbolize much more than just a physical place. It came to mean comfort, safety, and community, a place where we can share our writing in a respectful environment. At the same time, in my workshops I believe that honesty and sharp editorial feedback are essential: I do not shy away from encouraging serious revisions and edits, while tailoring my feedback to where each writer is on their journey. The Red Sofa is a place where we can feel safe enough to do this important work, and I believe that if we take our writing seriously we will always grow and improve.

Update: As of September 2016, the Red Sofa Salon is no longer offering poetry workshops or the reading series. One-on-one writing coaching and editing are available. As of 2018, I am living in Rehovot, Israel, and continue to work with private clients remotely. I look forward to hearing from you!