Jul 14

A Beautiful Collaboration

In spring 2013, I had the good fortune of having poet MaryAnn Miller join my Urban Nature Ecopoetry Workshop. From day 1 she was hooked; the workshop theme was right up her alley. It was wonderful to see MaryAnn’s poems in response to the environment, and yesterday¬†we¬†got to read together at Big Blue Marble Bookstore as part of an event called “For the Love of this Blue Planet: An Evening of Ecopoetry.” We also revealed the results of a collaboration. MaryAnn designed and printed broadsides of my poem, “Sedna the Arctic Sea Goddess,” originally published in Alaska Quarterly Review. I’m happy to announce the the limited edition broadside is now available for sale. Take a look, and enjoy! May your artistic collaborations be fruitful!


Apr 14

Announcing Spring Workshop!

I’m thrilled to announce the theme of the Spring 2014 workshop! Check out the snazzy poster below and register early to save your seat!


Feb 14

Dreaming About Spring


Tulips, April 2013

News flash: It’s freaking cold right now. And icy. Everywhere. I am done with this weather. You are done with this weather. Let’s drink tea and cry a bit, shall we?

Bitterness aside, this season has been interesting for me. I’m getting ready to embark on a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center in March. I feel like lately I’ve been in hibernation to some extent, getting myself mentally prepared to fully devote myself to writing poems. I’m nervous and excited and feeling some pressure, but mostly just grateful that I created this opportunity for myself and that I have a supportive community that has helped make this happen.

I’m also very much looking forward to spring. At the end of my residency, I’ll be flying straight to Washington, D.C., where I’ll participate in a female-poet-rebel (yeah!) panel/reading at the Split This Rock Poetry Festival. I then return to Philly where I’ll be offering an eco-poetry workshop at The Head & The Hand Press (April 3rd), and doing a reading at the Free Library Independence Branch (April 7th). Then it’s Passover (and I’m dreaming up a one-day workshop related to that theme… stay tuned), and then I’m leading my Eco-Poetry Workshop in Costa Rica (starting April 27… that is, if we get the minimum number of folks to register! I hope we do!). Then the Red Sofa Poetry Workshop returns on May 5th, along with the reading series on May 9th!

So many warm-weather plans… but for now, it’s time for me to go inward. Into that quiet space of observation and reflection that will hopefully bring many new and necessary poems into this world. I wish you all a cozy and productive season, and look forward to seeing you and hearing your poems in the spring.