Jul 16

Time to Write: A Poetry Workshop for Moms

Sunday August 7th, 1:00–4:00pm
Location: Private home in Mt. Airy
Register here by August 1st.


Photo by Sonia Petruse

Scribbling fragments in the middle of the night. Jotting down lines on a smart phone while breastfeeding. Squeezing in a moment of reflection between paid work and caregiving. Such is the life of a mom trying to maintain some time and space for poetry in a chaotic world. Put your hectic life on pause and nurture yourself with a poetry workshop specifically designed for moms. We will join together in meditation, free writing, and reading poems that touch on themes of motherhood and the self. You will leave this workshop with poem drafts, a fresh commitment to your creative soul, and ideas for keeping your writing practice alive within a busy schedule. Food and drink will be provided.

Questions? Email Hila at redsofasalon@gmail.com

Register here by August 1st.

Mar 15

New workshop offering! From Narrow Place to Freedom: A Passover Workshop on Writer’s Block, March 29th

From Narrow Place to Freedom: A Passover Workshop on Writer’s Block

Renew your writing practice during this season of rebirth

Water-freedom_largeAt one time or another, all writers experience dry spells, lack of inspiration, or a feeling of being stuck in their writing. Instead of pushing away so-called writer’s block, there are techniques that encourage us to embrace and use our blocks as part of the creative process. The classic story of Passover is a journey from oppression to liberation. It is often interpreted as a moment in the cycle of the year where we can examine and find freedom from our personal Mizrayim, “narrow place.” This workshop will use Jewish mystical teachings on Passover, meditative techniques, and guided writing exercises to invite us to accept that which constrains us and write through our blocks toward a place of freedom. You will leave with fresh drafts and a sense of renewal and recommitment to your writing goals. This workshop is open to writers of all levels of experience, genres, and backgrounds. Light snacks will be served. Workshop is limited to 12 writers, and the exact address will be given to attendees.

  • Sunday, March 29th, 1:00–3:00pm
  • At the Red Sofa Salon, West Philadelphia
  • Sliding scale investment: $18–$36