Writing Coaching & Editorial Services

“If writing a book is like swimming into the middle of the (bottomless, freezing, shark-infested) ocean, then Hila Ratzabi is a life preserver. A writer herself, she gets it. Hila champions the story. She doesn’t force the writing process, but patiently and skillfully guides it along. I especially appreciate how she recognizes the big picture and identifies, at sentence level, the elements shaping that narrative for the reader. Hila’s insight has been invaluable, and I’m grateful for her professionalism—even as we work internationally—thoughtful questions, and generous spirit.” 
—Kate McCorkle (memoir author)

“Hila Ratzabi is the most gently attentive collaborator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Rather than pushing a book to fit a preconceived vision, Hila works carefully and compassionately with all her clients to draw out not only the author’s words but their intentions. In this lies her mastery, the ability to move a project along while offering diligence to the whole person. Having her edit my bestselling book of poetry is a gift I will always love and remember.” 
—Devon Spier (author of Heart Map & The Song of Our Ancestors, self-published, Amazon bestseller in poetry)

“Hila has been invaluable in editing my memoir Beautiful Affliction. Through this process Hila has been honest in her feedback, challenging, confident, professional, and friendly. I have often been astonished at her fantastic editing, which tightened and improved the text. We corresponded via email across the world and different time zones, which was no problem thanks to Hila’s prompt response and effectiveness.”

—Lene Fogelberg (author of Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir, She Writes Press, Wall Street Journal bestseller)

“Hila was an incredible help to me in the process of getting my book published. She was great as a copy editor and amazing as a collaborator on the content and direction of the book. She was positive, generous and supportive. She came highly recommended, and I too can’t recommend her highly enough!”
—Jon Gordon, musician and author of the memoir For Sue

“Hila is an impeccable editor whose attention to detail is first rate. She takes on each project with enthusiasm and stamina and provides excellent editorial results for her clients. My business has benefited greatly from having worked with Hila.”
—Sara Kreisman, Owner, Rambling Rose Press, Inc.

“Hila responded quickly with edits and asked insightful questions that helped me to clarify my manuscript for a more general audience. She was efficient, knowledgeable, and patient and gave me the feeling that my manuscript was in good hands.”

—Wendy-Lou Sutherland, Associate Professor of German, New College of Florida

“I have now finished work on my book manuscript with your copyeditor, Hila Ratzabi, and write to commend her to you. She is first-rate professionally and also a pleasure to work with personally. We collaborated fruitfully and amicably and did all we needed to do in a prompt, efficient, and always friendly manner. Hila’s work on my manuscript was sensitive to both the ideas and language of my study and proved helpful throughout. I am extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with someone of her abilities and graciousness. She’s tops.”
—Alvin Rosenfeld, Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, Indiana University, author of The End of the Holocaust


“Hila Ratzabi’s workshops were fun and invaluable to improving my writing! She is wonderful with line edits on individual poems, but can also see thematic issues and strengths over the course of the workshop. Hila is a great cook of vegetarian food, and provides marvelous cocktails. Her workshops are a social experience, as well as about improving one’s craft. My poems are stronger for my having attended, and they placed in journals such as Four Chambers Press, where one won a prize. I was able to explore themes in my writing I hadn’t before, because Hila creates such a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. I am grateful to her for offering this space in her cozy West Philly home.”
—Shevaun Brannigan


“Thank you so much for being so patient and helpful with our Hebrew studies. We really appreciate it, more than our words can describe. We were afraid of the task in front of us, but after one lesson with you, were confident that we would both become Bat Mitzvahs! We couldn’t do it without you!”

—Sydney H. & Kaley P., New York City